THE TRUTH KEEPERS Stunt Coordinator  Brian Levin/ Author Solutions Films
FALLEN  Stunt Coordinator Fallen Productions
SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW Stunt Coordinator  College Educated Productions
THE UNDEADENING Stunt Coordinator Evil Reign Productions
MY ROMANTIC COMEDY Stunt Coordinator Middle of Nowhere Films
AMERICAN SCREAM 2 Stunt Coordinator Middle of Nowhere Films
LOST AND FOUND  Stunt Coordinator Lost and Found LLC
RAIN DOGS  Stunt Coordinator Hunger Artist Pictures
MISSING PIECES  Stunt Coordinator College Educated Productions
WAY OF HONOR  Stunt Coordinator TMU Pictures LLC
THE MESSAGE Fight Coordinator Milana L. Walters Films
LAND OF THE FREE Stunt Coordinator Land Of The Free Productions
THE FORGOTTEN WEST Stunt Coordinator Film Collective Productions
THE BLACK SHIELD Stunt Coordinator Black Shield Productions
THE JONES Stunt Coordinator Middle of Nowhere Films
EXIT Stunt Coordinator Seventh Plane Productions
THE GRAND McNALLY Fight Coordinator Grand McNally Productions
BLACK BOX DOJO Choreographer  Clone Digital Media
RESURRECTION OF THE ANTS  Choreographer  Hayworth Theatre
KING LEAR  Fight Captain  California Shakespeare Company
CYRANO: Translated  Choreographer  Ouroboros Theatre Company
WINTER SOLSTACE CELEBRATION  Choreographer  Ouroboros Theatre Company
SEASCAPE  Choreographer  City Lit Theatre Company
ROMEO & JULIET  Fight Corps.  Meadow Brook Theatre
PRINCESS BRIDE  Choreographer  Landscape Theatre Ensemble
ROMEO & JULIET  Fight Captain  Theatre Siena
MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING  Fight Captain  Theatre Siena
THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL  Fight Captain  Croswell Opera House
PATCH IN DISTRESS  Choreographer  Chicago Navy Pier
Special Skills
Recognized Actor/Combatant by the SAFD (2002): Single Sword, Broad Sword, Unarmed CombatUSA STUNT SCHOOL COMPLETION (2003): Film Fighting, Stair Falls, High Falls, Precision Driving, Flying, Horse Work, Ratchet Work, Air Ram, Fire Burns, Squib Shots (photos available upon request)
Bass/Baritone (C2 to G4), Magic, 3-D Make-Up FX, Rigging, Construction, Swimming, Running, Martial Arts, Basketball, Pool, Costume Characters